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Design and flexibility
A new concept for food and snack machines. An original and clean design, with rounded lines, make the LUCE X SNAC unique. Completely flexible thanks to adjustment in height inside and to its Flexspir® system, all selections can be configured according to any need. This new system for the spiral snack machine, unique and patented, offers more space for the products, optimizing the space available. From chewing-gum to newspaper, now everything is possibile. Spaces can be adjusted to the millimetre thanks to the extraordinary Flexspir® system.
Internal features
• High capacity – up to 1440 products.
• Selections can be adjusted onrequest and can be combined to one or more motors (twin motors).
• The chiller unit can be quickly removed without using any tools.
• 9 spirals/drawer.
• 7 levels, whose height can be easily adjusted (8 on request).
• Generous refrigerated stock area.
• Low consumption thanks to the use of a high efficiency compressor, LED lighting and Energy Saving Program.
• Products collection area with motorized security system.
• Price indication easily visible.
• Motors can be mounted without using any tools.
• Spirals of 20-15-10-8-6-5-4 products.
• Software Rheaction to set the CPU-Flash 32 bit.
• Products cooling area adjustable up to 2°C (food zone).
External features
• Brilliant and well illuminated wide window for better visibility of the products thanks to Vivilight® LED system.
• Collection area equipped with FTCA sensor and motorized antivandalism system.
• Alphanumerical touch keyboard with K-Sense capacitive technology, with LED light to grant a simple and secure use.
• Secure door thanks to 3 fastening points.
• Magnetic gasket to aid door and chassis adherence.
• Programmable keyboard for direct selections (optional).
• Exclusive design.
User friendly design
Alphanumerical keyboard’s LEDs assist the user during the selection. The selected snack is confirmed by the linking of the selection buttons and by the price shown on the display.
>technical specifications Luce X Snac
>Max no. of shelves: 7 (8 on demand)
>Max no. of selections: 63 (72 on demand)
>Max Capacity: 1440
Min. temperature (max.external temp. 32°C) 2 °C
Stratified or uniform temperature stratified (food zone excluded)
Electronic safety control X
Cooling Gas R 404 A
>Range of spirals  
Products no. for spiral 20-15-10-8-6-5-4
Pitch among spiral (mm) 20-26-47-54-75-90-101
Flash technology X
Programmable with Rheaction X
>Payment systems:  
Change-giver X
Bill reader X
Cashless X
Selectors 12V optional
Selectors 24V optional
>Protocol of communication:  
Executive optional
Parallel optional
>Technical Data:  
Dimensions (mm)  
Height 1830
Width 890
Depth 850/760
Weight (Kg) 315
Electrical supply: 230V/50-60Hz
Power (Watt) 490
Colour silver
>Technical features:  
Motorized anti-vandalism system X
Collection area electronically unlocked X
Vivilight® LED illumination X
Flexspir® adjustable system X
Twin motors system X
CPU Flash 32 bit X
Alphanumerical keyboard with LED lighting X
K-sense keyboard (capacitive technology) X
Energy saving system X
RS 232 X
Chiller unit with high efficiency compressor X
Generous refrigerated stock area X
Adjustable food zone dimension X
EVA-DTS for data audit X
Wall fixing kit X
Ground fixing kit X
Executive payment control kit X
Vivilight® animation lights X
Keyboard for direct selections X
Mini touch 5,7'' with visualing X


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